Summer Fun for EORH Cardiac Rehab

Thursday, June 15, 2017



The East Ohio Regional Hospital Cardiac Rehab class kept their cool at their recent summer picnic. For years Libby Miller, Clinical Coordinator of Cardiac Rehab and her staff would plan outdoor events and battle the elements until they decided to move it into the hospital meeting rooms. With some creative decorating, delicious picnic food and several games of BINGO the class members and their families clearly enjoyed this event that has been offered for over twenty years.

According to Miller, “Years ago, these men and women hosted their own picnics for their families, and now it is time for us to treat our EORH Cardiac Rehab family to an event where they can relax, share a great meal together and enjoy some fellowship. We provide them with weekly exercise and education but engaging in social events like the picnic improves not only their emotional health but their physical health as well.”

Rehab participants have been in the group anywhere from just a few weeks up to twenty-four years. Most patients are initially referred after suffering a cardiac event such as open heart surgery or stent placement. Typically, participants come for three months and attend class three times a week. They are closely monitored and receive information on healthy eating and stress management. These services are normally covered by  insurance. When the patient graduates, there is an option to join the maintenance rehab group. They must have a doctor’s referral and self pay $20 a month in order to attend three days a week for one hour. Staff members like registered nurse Libby Miller and exercise physiologist, Kayla Seidler monitor blood pressure, heart rate and weight. These vitals are tracked allowing the members to share info with their physician.  

Class member Joe Bednarik said, “Libby and Kayla are tremendous! They always do a wonderful job with the picnic and with our rehab sessions. I simply enjoy it and find myself very relaxed in both the surroundings and the people I associate with. I started coming to EO rehab six years ago and found it so helpful and enjoyable that I just kept coming.”

For more information on the Cardiac Rehab program at East Ohio Regional Hospital, call Libby Miller at 740-633-4302.

East Ohio Regional Hospital, located in Martins Ferry, Ohio, and Ohio Valley Medical Center, located in Wheeling, WV are a 340-bed combined organization with more than 1,600 employees providing the area’s only comprehensive orthopedic centers of excellence, behavioral, and mental health services and board certified emergency services on both sides of the Ohio River.


Cardiac Rehab Plays Bingo.jpg

BINGO Players Bottom Left: Sandy Foster, Walt Foster, Stanley Wilk, Kayla Seidler (EORH Exercise Physiologist), Libby Miller, RN (Clinical Coordinator Cardiac Rehab), Andy Zavatsky, John and Judy Thomas

Cardiac Rehab Picnic.jpg

Left to Right: Karen Haydin, Joe Bednarik, Stanley Wilk, and Donna Glasow enjoying the summer picnic.