EORH Donates AED Trainer Kit to Belmont College

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It is not a secret anymore that CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can save lives. But, training and preparation to jump into action is truly the key to making a difference when time matters so much. That is why East Ohio Regional Hospital and the EORH Auxiliary readily agreed to donate an AED Trainer kit to Belmont College.

According to Ailsa Vogelsang, EMS/Fire Coordinator at Belmont College approximately 40 AHA, EMS and Fire instructors at the college will be able to use these AED trainers in courses currently taught at the school. In addition, their AHA instructors also teach CPR/AED classes in the community. Vogelsang stated, “We are very happy here at Belmont College to be able to provide this training and it is all due to institutions like East Ohio Regional Hospital and the generous donations that they provide.  Thanks from all of our instructors and students."


Included in the kit are four practice trainers that look much like a real defibrillator. Each kit contains adult and pediatric pads and a remote control unit that allows instructors to walk trainees through eight different scenarios that they might encounter.  

Cyndy Butera, Nurse Manager at OVMC EMSTAR and EMS instructor at Belmont College knows firsthand the importance of CPR/AED training. According to Butera, “This training kit provides the opportunity to train more than 500 AHA students annually, about 300 Fire and EMS Providers, and issue more than 1000 hours of continuing education per year.”