Cheryl Hutkay Retires After 48 Years of Service

Monday, March 5, 2018

Not many people can say they have given 48 years of service to an organization but our Cheryl Hutkay has done it!

It all began in 1970 when EORH was Martins Ferry Hospital. She started in the admissions department and from there helped in the business office, insurance department and even helped in payroll. She also worked with Stan Mazgaj and Dick Younger in accounting. In 1988, they asked her to come to OVMC for two weeks…..and she never left!

When asked what made her decision to retire at this time, she said, “I just knew it was time. Also, I have one granddaughter who is four and a new grandbaby on the way. I can’t wait to just spend time with them.” What a wonderful way to begin her retirement years. Some of her co-workers wanted to comment on Cheryl’s retirement and they said: “Cheryl will be missed very much. She was always eager to help and very knowledgeable about her job. She has a wonderful personality and a great upbeat attitude. We will miss her seemingly unceasing energy.”

“Working with Cheryl has been a real pleasure. She was dedicated to doing a good job and brought a work ethic to the job that every employee should emulate. She also has a light side that makes interacting with her fun on a personal level. I will miss our little banters we would have from time to time.”

Cheryl would like to add she will surely miss all her co-workers in the Accounts Payable/Finance Department. They were all like family to her and she made wonderful friends during the many years working at both hospitals. Also, she wants to thank OVMC and EORH for all the support and opportunities and for letting her be part of the OV/EO family for 48 years!!