Lifesaving Supplies Donated to Belmont County Sheriff’s Department and TEMS Unit

Thursday, April 05, 2018


They hope they never have to use it, but now they are well-equipped to handle a mass casualty event in Belmont County thanks to a donation made recently by the OVMC/EORH EMSTAR unit and the OVMC Trauma team. These were the sentiments of Belmont County Chief Deputy James Zusack when he and his Special Operations Branch/TEMS team were presented with items such as tourniquets, chest seals, Crich kits, bandages and several other items designed for use in mass casualty incidents. 

According to Chief Zusack, “These supplies are greatly appreciated. We are very thankful to OVMC and EORH for this donation that will help our tactical team should we be called to assist in a situation with multiple injuries.” The TEMS (Tactical EMS) team is a branch of the SOB (Special Operations Branch) that works directly with the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department. TEMS is made up of volunteers who are all full-time fire and EMS members but are prepared to report anytime an incident occurs.

Lieutenant Glenn Moore of the Sheriff’s department is commander of the SOB team and shared, “I have been a huge proponent of having this team with us. We are all brother agencies and with this equipment, we can protect not only our citizens in the county but members of our own team.”

Terry Bonar, Trauma Program Manager and Cyndy Butera, EMSTAR Nurse Manager stated, “We are very pleased to be able to provide all the components of first responder supplies to the TEMS team and the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department. The value of these supplies is over $8,000 but our focus is on the value of each life that could be saved by this equipment.”


Image Caption: Members of the OVMC/EORH EMSTAR and OVMC Trauma team presented the Belmont County Sheriff’s Special Operations Branch/TEMS unit with over $8,000 worth of lifesaving equipment. Left to Right: Terry Jill Bonar - Trauma Program Manager, Cyndy Butera - OVMC EMSTAR Nurse Manager, Belmont County Chief Deputy James Zusack, Medics in the TEMS unit - Ken Brooks, Scott Richards, Curtis Kyer, Jared Greenwood, Commander of the SOB unit - Lt. Glenn Moore. (Not present for photo Albert Bond, EORH EMSTAR Nurse Manager)