Hillcrest Behavioral Health Services

As the area's premier comprehensive behavioral health program, our team is committed to coordinate patient care across the spectrum of inpatient, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programming to transform lives by offering hope and opportunity for recovery, wellness and independence. Our mission is to provide the best health care to every patient, every day, by encouraging growth and transformation in a secure, supportive and therapeutic environment.

Our clinical staff of board-certified psychiatrists, Master’s prepared therapists, registered nurses, and social workers are committed to helping you and your family when life gets rough. Our treatment team works in coordination with you and your trusted support system to individualize your care to get you back on your feet. We want you to feel safe here!

Because Hillcrest Behavioral Health Services are located on the campus of Ohio Valley Medical Center, our patients have immediate access to comprehensive medical care for any specialized need. This continuum of care allows our experienced staff to offer the most effective treatments within a fully integrated health care system developed to meet the individualized unique needs of each patient.
Our behavioral health programs are designed to be a time of growth, encouragement, and rewarding experiences. Each program is founded on the belief that with effective treatment, mental health recovery and rehabilitation is possible.

We see it every day!


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