Robert C. Byrd Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Center

As the Ohio Valley’s only area hospital-based inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric and behavioral health facility, our board-certified staff is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of youth that require inpatient psychiatric care. This state-of-the-art 30-bed facility will provide patients with the newest in treatment programming. At the Robert C. Byrd Center, they will engage in individual sessions, family meetings, and cognitive group therapy, provided by masters level, licensed Clinical Therapists. The youth will also be involved in music, art, exercise, and recreation therapies, with our Activity Therapists. Patients will engage in goals group, social skills group, nursing education groups, etc. They will have access to indoor and outdoor recreation areas, catered food services, nutritional counseling, case management, and medication management. Educational services are also available to the youth by our Educational Coordinator who has a masters degree in special education. Patients are seen on a daily basis by our child psychiatrist. Treatment Team Meetings occur on Tuesdays and Fridays to review their ongoing treatment and discharge plans. Upon discharge, appointments are scheduled for outpatient therapy, medication management, and educational services. For more information about our facility, you may look us up on Facebook, under the Robert C. Byrd Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Center.