Orthopedic Services

You can join us for an educational program focusing on what you can expect from your knee or hip replacement surgery.   The class covers what you can expect before, during, and after surgery.  We will provide you with helpful information, useful tips, and answer your questions.   You will meet your nurse and physical therapist what will be working with you.  

Once you are scheduled for surgery, we recommend attending the class about three to four weeks before your proceedure.  We understand the importance of family and friends as you recover from surgery. We fully support their involvement and encourage them to attend the class with you.  

Light refreshments will be served.  

You can see a complete schedule of our programs here.    


Additionally, you can download our presentation from the links below.   These are the slides that we use during the education program and might be helpful as a preparation or refresher for patients.  

Pre-Surgical Class Joint Replacement Program


Orthopedic Specialists