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All emergency medicine residents are required to complete an original research project prior to graduation according to ACOEP guidelines. At OVMC, there is a lot of support to help residents reach this goal. Each intern completes an online training program that takes them through the research process. This program was developed by Eric Zemper, Ph.D., at MSUCOM. This includes a series of modules that interns are required to complete within their first six months. Dr. [ ], the research director and mentor, and Dr. Dougherty help residents write a research proposal to present to the Institutional Review Board. Harriette Kelly is a full time librarian at OVMC; she is an invaluable resource! The Mountain State Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institution (MSOPTI) employs a full-time statistician to help residents interpret and analyze research results. Overall, the residency program at OVMC has many resources that help residents successfully complete their research project. The Graduate Medical Education office provides financial support to encourage residents to present their research and case presentations at conferences nationwide.

Some past projects include:

  • Jain S, Lowman ES, Kessler A, Harper J, Rumoro DP, Smith KY, Purim-Shem-Tov Y, Kessler HA. Seroprevalence study using oral rapid HIV testing in a large urban emergency department. J Emerg Med. 2012. 43(5):e269-75.
  • Klocek P, Carney M, Dougherty J, D'Agostino S. West Virginia and Rural Emergency Department Ultrasound - Do They Have it?
  • Sheyman J, Crake R. Loperamide Induced Brugada Syndrome.
  • Rasmussen K, Dougherty J. Kawasaki Disease in a 3 yr old.
  • Halterman J, Rasmussen K, Dougherty J. Crohn’s Disease Presenting as Intestinal Parasites.
  • Suders D, Waltz T, Frenn A, Agcaoili D. Abdominal angina as the presenting symptom in bacterial endocarditis.