Refund Policies

Notice of Refund Policy – effective 12.19.06

Subject: Cash Refunds
Areas Affected: Patient Accounts, Accounting, Finance Department
Responsibilities: Cash application clerks
Facilities: Ohio Valley Medical Center 
                 East Ohio Regional Hospital

1. Print and review credit balance report

2. Analyze credit balance account activity to determine reason for balance.

a. If credit is due to patient payment, check to see if patient has another open account. If so, transfer the overpayment to the open account and notify patient. If no open account exists, complete the Refund Authorization Form and post refund entry. Make appropriate comments in the system.

b. If the credit is due to an insurance payment, determine if the payor will accept a refund check. If so, complete the Refund Authorization Form and pos refund entry. If the payor will not accept a refund check, complete the appropriate Payor Adjustment Form. Make appropriate comments in system.

c. If credit is due to the incorrect application of a payment, transfer the payment to the appropriate account and make necessary comments in the system.

3. All refunds are approved by the Manager of Credit and Collections. Any refund over $1,000 must be approved by the Director of Patient Accounts.