Aeroallergen Report

No report available at this time.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  we will update as soon as possible.

Count Ranges Trees Weeds Grass Molds
Low 0-14 0-9 0-4 0-899
Moderate 15-90 10-50 5-20 900-2,500
High 91-1,500 51-500 21-200 2,501-25,000
Very High >1,500 >500 >200 >25,000




* Our MOLD levels were determined based on outdoor exposure to natural occurring spores in the environment and should not be applied to indoor exposure which may represent an entirely different spectrum of spore types.

* Our calculations are based on the data (per cubic meter) reported for trees, grasses and weeds.

* Our pollen and mold spore counts are collected over a 24-hour period. Please take into consideration that the data presented here in this report actually reflects some data from the day before.