OVMC and EORH Introduce New Cardiac Monitors

Monday, June 16, 2014

 WHEELING, W.Va. – OVMC and East Ohio Regional Hospital have introduced a new cardiac holter monitor system that is smaller and more efficient.

A holter monitor is a small, wearable device that records hearth rhythms. A doctor uses the information captured on a holter monitor's recording device to determine if a patient has a heart rhythm problem. The monitor's electrodes attach to the chest to record the patient's heartbeats.

“Our new system is significantly smaller than the regular system which were bulky and easily seen as the device was worn around a patient's neck and chest,” said Lynn Swider, director of cardiopulmonary and neurovascular services at OVMC and East Ohio Regional Hospital. “When patients wear holter monitors, they must wear them for 24 hours or more, so the new system is quite inconspicuous and can be hidden more easily during everyday activities.”

The new monitor is the size of a lipstick tube and can be placed in a pocket or clipped onto a belt. Another technology advancement is that it will start automatically and record continuously for 24 or 48 hours to capture data.

Holter monitors are most commonly used to detect irregular heartbeats, known as arrhythmias. The monitors are painless and noninvasive.

Ohio Valley Medical Center, located in Wheeling West Virginia, and East Ohio Regional Hospital, located in Martins Ferry Ohio, are a 340-bed combined organization with more than 1,600 employees on both sides of the Ohio River.