EORH Introduces Newest Cardiac and Endovascular Equipment

Monday, November 3, 2014

East Ohio Regional Hospital introduces a new duel-purpose x-ray machine for both cardiac and vascular procedures. The equipment is the first in the country that eliminates the need for patients, who need both endovascular and cardiac diagnosing, to undergo two separate procedures. The machine's two x-ray arms provides 3D imaging with a higher resolution that ultimately gives a better diagnosis through both endovascular and cardiac procedures. Additionally, the unit is used for pain management injections for patients with chronic pain. Pictured are: (front to back, L to R) Tina Archer, director of surgical services and endovascular; Angie Lucey, chief technologist of endovascular lab; Amy Polsinelli, endovascular technician; Cindy Timko, cardiac cauterization technologist; Dr. Rajai Khoury, surgeon; Christina Willis, endovascular technologist; Julia Perdok, registered nurse; and Mandy Rice, chief cardiac cauterization technologist.