OVMC Dedicates ICU Room in Memory of Local Nursing Student

OVMC Unveils Newly Renovated ICU with Dedication in Memory of Heather Miller

Thursday, January 7, 2016

OVMC Unveils Newly Renovated ICU with Dedication in Memory of Heather Miller


Wheeling, WV, January 5, 2016 - Today, OVMC will unveil its newly renovated Intensive Care Unit (ICU) while dedicating Room #1 to local college student, Heather Miller.  Heather was 21 years old and six weeks away from graduating from the WVU School of Nursing when her life tragically ended. She died from a brain injury as the result of being a passenger in an alcohol related car crash. Her passion was to be a nurse in the critical care unit which ironically is where she died.

During this tragic loss, Heather’s parents, Gary and Jody Miller,  had their first introduction to the Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE). Heather was an organ donor. It was Heather’s choice to give the most selfless gift any person can give, "The Gift Of Life". Heather was able to donate her heart, both of her kidneys, liver, tissue, and bone. Heather’s motto was "Here Comes The Sun", as the tattoo on her left foot clearly stated.

“As parents, we never imagined what an impact this could make on our family as well as the community of Wheeling, WV. Our family attended the "Special Place" ceremony the year following her passing” says her mother Jody.  “What an absolute amazing event! We have learned so much about organ donation since her death. Our daughter has brought so much joy and honor to her family even in her passing. Our healing process is a continual stepping stone. For the gift of life she has given to others, and the many gifts she has given to us, she will always be our hero.”


The Miller/McGlumphy family has organized a golf scramble each year since Heather passed away. The great success of the "Heather Miller Memorial Golf Scramble" is a result of continual support and efforts by a spectacular family, as well as friends, and an extended community. The Heather Miller Memorial was created by family and friends, and it raises funds for nursing scholarships, Center for Organ Recovery and Education,  Mother's Against Drunk Driving, and other deserving charities in Heather's memory.  Last fall, Heather’s family and the foundation decided to make a donation to OVMC in her memory and to name the room where she spent her last days, in her memory.

OVMC’s staff, friends and family of Heather and her family, along with eight of the individuals who were recipients of Heather's ultimate gift of life, were on site for the dedication.  Heather will forever be remembered as “full of life” and “always looking for ways to help others”.