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WV Count the Kicks Ambassador Teams Up with Child Birth Educators

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kristy Edie, West Virginia Ambassador for Count the Kicks, is teaming up with the staff of The Birth Center at Ohio Valley Medical Center to help educate expectant mother’s on the importance of monitoring their baby’s movements in the third trimester. Edie worked to bring the program locally after she lost her baby in her third trimester of pregnancy.

“While your chances of losing your baby after the first-trimester decrease, one out of every 150 pregnancies ends in stillbirth,” said Edie. “Fifty percent of mothers who have lost a baby to stillbirth reported perceived gradual decline in fetal movement several days prior to the death of their baby. Count the Kicks will help you detect any significant changes in your baby’s movements that may indicate potential problems.”

Childbirth educators at The Birth Center will work with expecting mother’s to teach them how to “Count the Kicks”, with the guidance of Edie and information established by, the parent organization for Count the Kicks.

Sherri Kellas, RN, Women’s Health Nurse Navigator and Child Birth Educator says, “Typically you start monitoring fetal movements during the third trimester, or at 28 weeks. However, your doctor may recommend beginning at 24 to 26 weeks. Mosthealthy babies should take less than two hours for 10 kicks. Every baby is different. Keeping track of your daily kick counting sessions will help you know what is “normal” for your baby.” Kellas continued saying, “We are so thrilled to have Kristy bringing her insight, and compassion to the mother’s delivering at OVMC.”

On a recent visit to The Birth Center, Edie brought bereavement gifts for mother’s who experienced the loss of their baby. She also brought information to help mothers who are on the go, and who may need a reminder to Count the Kicks on a daily basis. Expectant mothers can download a Count the Kicks Chart that she says is an easy-to-use-tool to get to know your baby and a way to alert you to potential problems. You can download a free Count the Kicks Chart by visiting or by requesting one from your health care provider.

If you would like more information on The Birth Center’s Childbirth Classes or Count the Kicks, please call our Women’s Services Navigators at 888-904-9244.

 Sherri Kellas, RN, Child Birth Educator                                                     Kristy Edie, WV Ambassador Count the Kicks