OVMC Introduces Digital Mammography During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WHEELING –Women who undergo routine mammograms at OVMC and East Ohio Regional Hospital now have the latest diagnostic technology available to them—digital mammography. The hospitals are the first healthcare providers in the Wheeling area to feature this state-of-the-art system for breast health services.

"Digital mammography definitely has advantages for the patient, and we are proud to be the first hospital in the Wheeling metro area to offer this technology during Breast Cancer Awareness Month," Dr. Kelby Frame, radiologist at OVMC and East Ohio Regional Hosptial. "It's quicker, offering a woman the convenience of having her mammogram without repeated imaging and exposure to radiation. For the radiologist, digital mammograms provide more comprehensive visibility. This translates into the best diagnosis for the patient."

Women will notice little difference when going for a digital mammogram at OVMC and East Ohio Regional Hospital. The image is viewable within seconds after the x-ray exposure has been made.
Digital mammography feels identical to conventional screening from a patient's perspective, though women may notice shorter exam times and a reduction in call-backs to obtain additional images. Demand for the digital mammography is high, and women are excited and pleased that OVMC and East Ohio Regional Hospital offer this state-of-the-art technology. This means women no longer need to travel for their digital mammograms.

The radiologist can process and retrieve the images faster because digital mammography is "filmless," which means nothing has to be developed. Images are analyzed on a monitor and stored electronically.
When reading the results of a digital mammogram, the radiologist is better able to manipulate the image to see through the breast more clearly.

"The latitude of visualization is better—from the skin line to the chest wall," said Dr. Frame.  "If there are calcifications, for example, they can be enhanced or magnified. This aids in analyzing whether the calcifications are suspicious or not."