Nurses from OVMC's EMSTAR Attend National Conference

Friday, October 2, 2009

WHEELING—Severalnurses from EMSTAR at Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling will be enhancingtheir skills at the Emergency Nurses Association National Conference to be heldlater this month in Baltimore, MD.

"Thisis an outstanding opportunity for us to network with emergency nursingpersonnel from across the country to exchange experiences and ideas," saidStaci Trudo, RN, BSN, Director of Trauma Service at OVMC, who is representingthe state of West Virginia as a delegate at the event. "It also provides uswith outstanding educational presentations."

Thisyear's conference, entitled "STAT: Strengthen, Transform And Transcend" willaddress problems that are common to emergency departments across the country.Individualized classes will include everything from ways to approach the toughchallenges in today's healthcare environment to comprehensive and up-to-dateeducational sessions and ways to bolster the practice of emergency roommedicine to elevate the skills of the nurses to an entirely new level.

Manyof the special topics being addressed include issues that face emergencydepartment personnel throughout the United States on a daily basis, such asovercrowding, violence in ERs and dealing with difficult or psychiatristpatients, according to Cathy Robinson RN, MSN, CEN, CCRN, staff nurse at EMSTARand secretary of the West Virginia Chapter of the Emergency NursingAssociation.

"Connectingwith staff from other emergency departments allows us to brainstorm, networkand gain valuable insight into how other facilities function in the samecircumstances that we face every day," Robinson said. "Emergency departmentsare busier than ever and we are continually striving to be more efficient inthe care that we provide."

Topexperts from around the country will be presenting at the event, and the EMSTARnurses will be earning contact hours toward continuing education as part oftheconference. The cost of theprogram is being underwritten by OVMC, as well as a contribution from EmergencyMedicine Physicians, Inc.