OVMC and EORH to Improve Patient Care Using Upgraded Digital Imaging Technology

Monday, December 5, 2011



Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital have successfully introduced an upgraded digital imaging technology system in a step toward providing clearer digital resolution resulting in more accurate detection, improving patient care and creating a paperless electronic patient record.

The updated medical imaging system is being used for images that previously were printed on film. The upgraded digital imaging technology allows physicians to immediately access and share patients\' digital images and reports from any location. Providing this critical medical information more quickly allows physicians to provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis for the patient.

"More images and information are needed in more places by more people than ever before," said Vicki Novick, director of radiology at OVMC and EORH. "With this upgraded version of the PACS technology, we are able to communicate faster and more efficiently with the entire care team, in turn, improving our patient care."

With the upgraded digital imaging technology, clearer images are sent electronically to workstations across the hospital so the proper physician an immediately review them and provide an electronic report for referring physicians to view within minutes. In the future, all medical information and images that physicians need to provide patient care will be available electronically.

"The upgraded PACS system has been a tremendous addition to the quality of care we provide at OVMC and EORH," said Jan Jennings, interim president and CEO. "This up-to-date technology is just another way we are improving patient safety and producing better outcomes for all of our patients."

Ohio Valley Medical Center, located in Wheeling West Virginia, and East Ohio Regional Hospital, located in Martins Ferry Ohio, are a 340 bed combined organization providing quality primary and tertiary healthcare to the Ohio Valley.