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OVMC has partnered with the American Cancer Society to offer our patients and the community a Cancer Resource Center. Individuals can access ACS programs, brochures, other aids, wigs, head coverings, breast prosthetics and bras and other beneficial items and services, at little or no cost. The Cancer Resource Center at OVMC is located on Main Floor (M) of the hospital adjacent to the Main Lobby near labor and delivery. The CRC is open to patients, their families and the general public on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. All information can also be accessed by contacting the American Cancer Society's toll-free number at 1-900-ACS-2345.

Reach to Recovery

For more than 40 years, this ACS program has helped people cope with their breast cancer experience. This is the longest-running ACS program at OVMC. Reach to Recovery offers one-on-one visitation for men or women who have undergone breast cancer surgery. Each patient is paired with a carefully chosen and trained, volunteer to give patients the opportunity to talk about their experiences to give a measure of comfort and an opportunity for emotional grounding and informed decision-making. Volunteers are breast cancer survivors who give patients and family members an opportunity to express feelings, talk about fears, concerns, and ask questions of someone who is knowledgeable about the treatment process from a patient point-of-view. Most importantly Reach to Recovery volunteers offer understanding, support and hope because they themselves have survived breast cancer and gone on to live normal, productive lives. Each patient receives a Reach "kit" donated by the American Cancer Society containing a leisure bra, a soft prosthesis for mastectomy patients, exercise support, literature and local resource information. Individuals can call 304-234-8643 or 304-231-3852 for more information. 

Look Good, Feel Better

The Look Good, Feel Better program is a community-based, free program that helps teach female cancer patients beauty tips to look better and feel good about how they look during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Volunteer beauty professionals lead small groups of patients through a practical, hands-on two-hour workshop in a comfortable setting where women can learn about makeup, skin care, nail care and ways to deal with hair loss such as with wigs, turbans, and scarves. Patients must be undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments to participate. This program is offered on the second Tuesday of every other month at OVMC from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please call 304-234-1753 or 304-234-3852 to register. 


Wigs, turbans, and other head coverings are available for all of our cancer patients. These items can be specially ordered from a catalog to meet each patient's needs and wishes. Additional items are also available in the Cancer Resource Center and can be taken home that day. Please call 304-231-3852 for more information, referrals or donations. 

Breast Prosthetics

Mastectomy patients can review several ACS catalogs to determine various products that are available. Breast prosthetics and bras may be ordered and will be delivered to the Cancer Resource Center for pick up as soon as possible. Some items may be available to be taken home on the day of your visit. Please call 304-231-3852 for information, referrals or donations. 

Patient Education Brochures

The Cancer Resource Center also offers educational and support brochures to patients and loved ones who may be affected by cancer. If you would like any additional information that may not be among the brochures provided, we will gladly attempt to locate and order any of these informational pieces for you. 

Cancer Support Groups

Information on community support groups offered for cancer patients, survivors, their family, and friends is also available in the Cancer Resource Center.

Financial Support

Some individuals may qualify for gas cards and other financial assistance from the American Cancer Society. Applications can be filled out and submitted to OVMC's Cancer Resource Center.