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Ohio Valley Medical Center's department of radiation oncology strives to offer quality care and compassion to every patient in need of cancer treatment. Patients are not only treated like they are family - here, they truly are our family. We do everything possible to offer our patients and their loved ones what they need most day-to-day. We deliver radiation therapy for cure and palliation but we are also always here to lend an ear when questions or concerns arise and to give that embrace when the day has been trying and the thoughts that no one else understands are swirling in our patient's mind. We will laugh with you, cry with you and do everything possible to help you on your journey through the extremely difficult situation of a cancer diagnosis. 


The Cancer Center at OVMC is proud to provide a radiation oncologist Dr. Phong Nguyen to care for our patients. A graduate of Stanford Medical School and The Ohio State University James Cancer Center radiation oncology fellowship program, Dr. Nguyen works closely with a team of medical professionals from medical physicists to dosimetrists, radiation therapists, oncology nurses and other support staff. Together, this group of experts operates state-of-the-art equipment needed to plan and adminiser radiation therapy and practices the skills and compassion necessary to treat our patients. 

Services and Equipment

Ohio Valley Medical Center's radiation oncology department is home to four state-of-the-art cancer treatment components: a linear accelerator, a CT simulator, a treatment planning system and a high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy unit. The CT simulator and treatment planning system are used in combination for the planning and preparation of patients' treatment. A patient's cancer treatment is delivered by the linear accelerator for external radiation therapy and by the HDR brachytherapy until for internal radiation therapies. 

The radiation oncology department offers our patients state-of-the-art cancer treatments with our Siemens Oncor Linear Accelerator. This machine has both conventional beam therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) capabilities. IMRT gives the advantage of treating cancers with a higher dose of radiation without damaging large amounts of healthy tissue. This technique decreases the risk of side effects, while increasing the lethality to the cancer. Currently, IMRT is being performed on cancers affecting the prostate, head and neck, breast and other sites. The Oncor Linear Accelerator also has digital portal imaging capability for daily verification of the treatment area as needed and without the necessity of a "film"

The Siemens Emotion Duo CT Simulator allows for extremely accurate planning of the patient's radiation treatment. Structures are defined in great detail allowing the radiation oncologist to more accurately direct the radiation and decrease the exposure of healthy tissue. This machine in combination with our Elekta XiO treatment planning system, allows our skilled radiation oncologists and medical dosimetrists provide patients with highly accurate treatment plans. 

The Nucletron HDR brachytherapy unit administers radiation from within the body. This allows most patients to be treated on an outpatient basis. Because of the ability to delivery high doses of radiation to the tumor or tumor bed, fewer treatments are necessary with HDR brachytherapy as opposed to external beam radiation. Currently, HDR brachytherapy is being performed on cancers affecting the rectum, cervix, vagina, esophagus, lung and breast. HDR brachytherapy of the breast is administered via MammoSite. MammoSite is a balloon catheter inserted into the breast after lumpectomy or re-excision. The balloon creates a cavity that permits the equal distribution of radiation. This technique allows a breast cancer patient to complete radiation treatment by a protocol of two treatments a day over a course of five days. This time frame is much shorter than external beam radiations, which can last four to six weeks.  

Contact Information

To contact the radiation oncology department at Ohio Valley Medical Center, please call 304-234-8561 or toll-free at 1-800-638-5572