Laser Unit

In outpatient Physical Therapy, patients have many options available to them in regards to treatment options. Over the years, many protocols and methods have been improved with evidence supporting each treatment and many modalities are utilized to enhance patient healing. At EORH outpatient center physical therapy, we have purchased a new piece of equipment that has changed and improved the patient response to treatment to enable quicker healing while building higher tolerance to strengthening and stretching tissue. Through Multi Radiance Medical company, we were able to purchase a super pulsed laser/stim unit that is a quick, noninvasive treatment to optimize the healing process of stubborn injuries that have not responded to conservative and aggressive approaches. It has virtually no contraindications, it is non-invasive, and is easy to apply without consequence of side effects. The treatment utilizes infrared laser and estim therapy together to provide a jump start to healing at the tissue/cellular level. It is also used to provide an alternative treatment rather than using NSAID's, analgesics, pain medications, and other medications used to control pain and promote function. Using the TARGET (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology) method, this modality is able to identify problem areas and senses inflammation in areas. This astounding treatment has been improving stiffness in joints, decreasing muscle tightness and pain with repetitive stress injuries, and improving functional mobility for most patients receiving treatments.

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